Custom canoe

Inspired by the traditional skin-on-frame kayaks, this canoe is lightweight, fully customisable and beautiful.


With its light wooden frame, the canoe weights between 10 and 15 kg. You can put it alone on the roof bars of your car, and move it around easily. On the water, it makes it very maneuverable and you can gain speed very quickly with minimal effort.


The skin can be tainted with rare earth pigments. The color will get slightly darker over time with sun exposure. Based on your preferences, the seating option can go from a simple backrest, to a more elaborate seat, or nothing at all. To help you have more speed and rest a little bit, it’s also possible to add a sail. The mast is hidden in the frame and can be deployed whenever you want. Finally, the size of the canoe is adjusted to your height and weight.

Beautiful and sustainable

Most of the canoes are made of plastic. This one is mainly made of wood and fabric. After many years, it can be re-skinned if necessary. That makes it more sustainable. Finally, the way the sunlight goes through the skin is just amazing. You’ll also enjoy seeing the water through it while paddling.